Duties of a Security Guard

Duties of a Security Guard

Duties of a Security Guard

Duties of a Security Guard

Let’s discuss Duties of a Security Guard.  What does a SB Security Guard do? Duties of a Security Guard
A security guard is a person who monitors/inspects/patrols premise & people against and to prevent fire, theft, vandalism, and all criminal activities. The duties of an SB Security Officer include:

** Protect and enforce law to customer’s property Duties of a Security Guard
** Monitor alarms, CCTV, electric fences, access control and all other security systems
** Conduct security checks over a specified area
** Write concise reports outlining activities, incidents and observances during patrol
** Assist in the detainment of criminals Duties of a Security Guard
** Alert the correct authorities (SAPS and private security) and the customer to incidences.

This is not a comprehensive list but gives a concept of the high level of responsibility a Security Guard has and that is why SB SECURITY guards undergo rigorous and continuous training as well as background/criminal history checks.

Whether you have an office block, industrial plant, commercial warehouse or even your own home or residential estate to protect, SB Security has the highest quality security solution to fit your needs and budget.  Duties of a Security Guard

The SB Security team works with you to understand your security needs and requirements at home or at work, and identify the best security solution to meet those needs. Our expert installation teams install your chosen solution efficiently and cost effectively, giving you the protection that you need and the peace of mind you deserve.

SB Security also offers SB Guarding. We offer the highest quality guarding solution to fit your needs and budget. Our guards are carefully selected based on PSIRA accreditation, training and background checks.

SB Security are based at TRINITY VILLAGE CENTRE in Randparkridge. Get in contact for assistance with your security matters.
011-462-5239 / 082-923-0964 / www.securitybrokerz.com

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