Indoor & Outdoor Products, like alarm installations, CCTV and electric fences

Indoor & Outdoor Installations

We will assess your home or business and offer you the best solutions to protect your property.



We offer full hard-wire and wire-free alarm installations, including all indoor equipment, outside passives and beams. We also offer rented alarms.



We offer a range of CCTV products for your home or business to best suit your pocket and needs, from standard analogue to high-definition and IP installations.



We offer residential, business and complex or security estate installations. We also offer a maintenance service to ensure your fence is always in working order.

Other installation services offered:

  • Intercom Systems

  • Gate & Garage Door Automation

  • All alarm accessories

  • Access Control

Sleep sound knowing you are secure

Rented Alarms so you have the freedom to choose any service provider

Rented Alarms

Enjoy the peace of mind of an alarm system without being tied to one armed response company.

Security Brokerz offers a unique rent to own alarm system. Our clients can rent an alarm system without having to commit to one armed response service provider for a fixed term contract. We can install a rented alarm system for you and you will still have the freedom to choose your armed response company.

8 or 16 ZONE ALARM RENTALS FROM *R285 p/month

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We find you Products & Services at the best possible price

Maintenance Packages

We offer maintenance services to you to ensure all your security systems are in working order.

Security Brokerz’ expert teams are skilled in installation and maintenance of all security equipment. Extensive training and ongoing monitoring mean that our teams maintain your equipment to avoid outages, and can repair your security solution quickly if any damage does occur. Read the full Maintenance Offering Here.

Maintenance Categories:

  • Electric Fence

  • Analogue CCTV Systems

  • Gate Motors & Boom Gates

  • IP CCTV Systems

  • Intercom & GSM Systems

  • Biometric Systems

CCTV is a deterrent – Potential burglars may see the camera & decide that the home or business in question is too much of a risk and therefore not a good target.

CCTV systems is a great Security measure

CCTV Systems

CCTV systems

CCTV is popular among businesses and home-owners as it gives you sight into what’s going on wherever there’s a camera, without needing the manpower to patrol. CCTV lets you see who’s doing what on your property, and recordings can be used as evidence in legal action.

One of the main reasons for installing CCTV is the visual deterrent it will be to would-be criminals when your premises are vacant, or even when you’re busy working there. By investing in a CCTV system, it could take away some of the costs involved in employing an onsite, round-the-clock security guard.


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